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Amorissimo - Duplo


It 'a totally customized frame made of recycled cardboard. Mounted in a few moves, close environment and attractive design. Amorissimo.eu is the brand that has created and produced.
In a few steps you can take home this wonderful gift idea: Use our configurator to create your Duplo or choose from our ideas ready for you!

Create your Duplo now!
Amorissimo - Combo


It is the compilation of Duplo more beautiful than ever. Thousand combinations are available for you, to fill the most of your gaps.
Combo can have it printed on one side, wall version.
You can also choose between our proposals the Combo best suited to your house!

Create your Combo now!
Amorissimo - Eco


It is the lamp that you have never seen.Beautiful, new and shameless. Conceived by the wise genius of staff of Scatolificio Gorini, which operates nearly 100 years in the carton sector, it is a led lamp composed by layering of cardboard sheets microwave pressed.
The lamp can be equipped with LED light cold or warm white, or RGB, with remote control and switch to remotely operate your piece of furniture.

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Amorissimo It is a comprehensive collection of cardboard design elements, completely customizable.
We still thought to offer me some ready-made solution: enters our shop and buy your Amorissimo!

Choose your Amorissimo now!